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Redefining Success Webinar Kit

The events of the last 18 months have shone the light on what's important. Now's the time for clients to redefine what success means for them, their business, and their team, then make a new plan to achieve it. The Redefining Success webinar teaches attendees how to redefine success, update their Business Plan to reflect this new definition, and implement strategies for success.

Softly positioning Business Planning, Cashflow Improvement, and Management Reporting, attendees can also choose to be sent the Personal Budget Template, Team Reflection Questionnaire, or the Sustainable Business Success Worksheet. This worksheet helps clients redefine success; calculate their minimum viable sales level and debtor days; identify what they need to stop, continue, and start doing; and determine the additional support they need to achieve sustainable business success. Don't forget to follow them up in 4-6 weeks to see how they're going with achieving their new definition of success (and finding out if they could calculate their minimum viable sales and debtor days themselves!).



Monthly Coaching Subsequent Coaching Session Pre-work

We've updated this pre-work so clients can review the numbers they achieved in the last 30 days and list the actions they completed and didn't complete. This helps both facilitator and client prepare for the session and dig deeper during the meeting.

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Business Planning Pre-work

We've updated the pre-work so it's more aligned with the Business Plan:

  1. The Purpose section has been updated to reflect The Golden Circle.
    • The order has changed to Why > How > What
  2. The Vision section has been updated:
    • 'Describe in one sentence what your business does' has been removed as this is now covered by the 'What' question in the Purpose section
    • 'What are the main products or services that your business provides' has been removed; this has now been added to the description of what the client's business will look like in five years' time.
    • 'Describe who your ideal client would be' has now been moved to its own section later in the pre-work to reflect the order of the Business Plan and Delivery Notes
    • 'What does your business need to deliver to you personally in five years' time' has been updated to 'With your five year vision in mind, what does your business need to deliver to you personally in the next 12 months?' to reflect the 12 month outlook of the Business Plan
  3. The Values section has been updated:
    • 'What makes you different to the competition' has been removed as this is covered in the Purpose section
  4. The Critical issues section has been moved to come before the Goals section to reflect the order in the Business Plan.
  5. The Goals section has been updated:
    • The five year goals question has been removed, as this is covered by the vision section
    • Four text areas have been added for the client to record four 12 month goals
    • An instruction to use the opportunities, vulnerabilities and critical challenges to determine the 12 month goals has been added

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The 3 Essential Tools for Business Success Webinar

An update on our popular 3 Essential Tools for Business Success Seminar, cut down to a succinct 45-minute webinar with 15 minutes for question time. Demonstrate how the 3 essential tools - Annual Business Plan, Annual Forecast and Ongoing Reporting and Accountability - can set clients up for success.

The Building Better Habits Worksheet is a complimentary service option to send to attendees to help them identify small changes they can make in their business to implement the three tools and achieve business success. Follow up with a phone all in 4-6 weeks to see how they're going with implementing better business habits and softly position support you can provide.

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Personal Budget Template

We've updated the Personal Budget Template so each line item and category heading can be edited. We also added an 'Other/Misc' section so users can add their own expense category and expenses, e.g. Religious/Cultural spending.

You'll find the Personal Budget Template in the 'Your Personal Budget' Webinar, as well as in the Business Recovery bridge and attached to the Get Back to Business Personal Budget Email.

The Power of 1%

The Power of 1% Mindset Card

This mindset shows how small, regular changes can have a huge impact over time. The power of compounding means that improving by just 1% each day results in an improvement of 37.8 times in 12 months. However, regressing by 1% each day results in a reduction to 3% of your starting point in 12 months.

The Power of 1% (2)

Privilege and Responsibility Mindset Card

A great relationship depends on mutual privilege and responsibility. It's a privilege for you to be your clients' accountant so you have a responsibility to do your best; it's a privilege for them to be your client so they have a responsibility to live into your Core Values and respect your team.

Likewise, as an employer, it's a privilege for you to have each team member work for you. With that comes the responsibility to provide training and support. As a team member, it's a privilege to have been chosen for the role, and with that comes the responsibility to do the job the best you can.

The Power of 1% (3)

Who's Sailing the Ship Mindset

When committing to something new or giving up old habits, we often rely on willpower, rationale and logic. But if we tap into the other 90% of our brain, the subconscious part, we can more easily build Strategies and Habits and better control our Impulses and Physiological responses.

The Power of 1% (4)

The Emotional Cycle of Change Mindset Card

This mindset depicts the emotional roller coaster of embracing change. The optimism subsides as we incur roadblocks and descend into a valley of despair. At rock bottom, a fundamental shift occurs and we push out of the valley, with hopeful realism into informed optimism to reach success and fulfilment. 

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Vision, Purpose and Values Webinar

This webinar demystifies the three cornerstones of culture: vision, purpose and values. By discovering the components of a clear vision statement, learning how to define their why, and understanding the importance of Core Values, attendees will develop a Culture Card for their business to drive their culture and maximise their results.

Don't forget to follow the same process to deliver your firm's Culture Card prior to delivering this webinar. Check out the Demystifying Your Vision, Purpose and Values Training Sprint for more information about developing your Culture Card and delivering the webinar.

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Virtual Planning for Success

Help your clients gain control of their business, access a valuable network of non-competing businesses, and unlock their true potential with this virtual monthly coaching programme.

Following the initial workshop and each quarterly workshop, participants will develop their Quarterly Action Plan. They'll then review and tweak their plan following each monthly milestone workshop.

During each workshop, you'll address common themes identified in participants' pre-work, deliver a learning insight, and provide accountability. We've created PowerPoints with speaker notes for the first two workshops and a blank template for you to use for subsequent workshops.

This high-value 12-month workshop programme allows you to leverage your time to deliver accountability coaching to a group of 15-20 clients in a virtual setting.


The Gap Website Resources

Downloadable website resources are a great way to drive engagement with prospective clients. We've put together a list of Gap resources that can be added to your website as a downloadable resource. Ensure these are gated (i.e. only available after the person has filled out a form with their contact details). These resources are also a great starting point for blogs or other articles. 

You'll find this list in the Your BD Marketing Collateral folder in the Marketing tab. Click the links in the PDF to quickly access the resources.



The Gap + BOMA Content Library Catalogue

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  • It's Annual Accounts Review Season!
  • Our Client Onboarding Experience
  • Using the Value Ladder to increase sales
  • Achieving your goals with the rocks, pebbles and sand mindset
  • Our Complimentary Client Review service
  • Our Proactive Accounting Meeting
  • Our Business Planning service
  • The 3 Essential Tools for Business Success marketing emails

GAP Training and Support

Online Training Sprints

  • The Complimentary Client Review
  • Demystifying your purpose, vision and values
  • Annual Accounts Review with power and purpose

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